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neuman's Journal

Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space
26 October
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akira kurosawa, alfred hitchcock, amsterdam, atlas shrugged, banksy, bardonia, beach boys, beastie boys, beautiful men's club, biggie smalls, bloc party, blonde redhead, blow, bmc, brian regan, bruce campbell, built to spill, burbis, cat stevens, chasing amy, christopher guest, clerks, coheed and cambria, conan o'brien, danzig, david bowie, dawn of the dead, deathpunk, denim demons, dogma, dr.dre, east village, ed templeton, elliott smith, elvis costello, eminem, endustrial skateboards, evil dead, explosions in the sky, film noir, flogging molly, franz ferdinand, gang of four, george romero, girls without makeup, glenn danzig, good clean fun, graffiti, green day, guerrilla art, harmony korine, horror, iggy pop, indie rock, iron maiden, italian horror, james mercer, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jim jarmusch, joe strummer, johnny thunders, kevin smith, larry clark, lord of the rings, lucio fulci, mallrats, mark gonzales, memento, metal gear solid, misfits, modest mouse, motley crue, movies, new york, new york city, new york dolls, nwa, nyc, obey, obey giant, old school skateboards, opie and anthony, orson welles, oz, planet of the apes, post-punk, pretty girls make graves, pulp fiction, punk, radiohead, rcc, rilo kiley, robert deniro, rockland, rockland county, run lola run, samhain, samurai movies, screenwriting, seinfeld, sex, shepard fairey, sigur ros, skateboarding, space rock, spider-man, spike jonze, spiritualized, stencil graffiti, stenciling, stencils, stephen lynch, stereo skateboards, steve buscemi, street art, sublime, talk to plants, tattoos, taxi driver, the arcade fire, the beatnuts, the buzzcocks, the clash, the cure, the decemberists, the farrelly brothers, the misfits, the paragraph, the ramones, the sex pistols, the shawshank redemption, the shins, the simpsons, the stooges, the usual suspects, the vandals, tiltmode army, tim brauch, toshiro mifune, travis bickle, true romance, turbojugend, turbonegro, wheat pasting, wow, zach galifianakis, zombie movies, zombies